About us

Describing yourself is not always that easy. It is probably the same in our case. If you want to take a closer look at Cyborg DMP GmbH in the here and now, you must first of all “back to the roots”, i.e. start with how it all started.

Well over 30 years ago, Cyborg DMP started making music in a basement room. Even then, the concept was, instead of naming individual producers of the respective works, to appear as a producer team “Cyborg DMP” and thus establish a sustainable brand.

At first, a lot of Schlager, pop and rock music was produced, just as it was “in” at the time, but then house and dance music were also produced relatively early on, and this was the beginning of the later house, dance and eurodance wave set strong impulses.

We don’t want to start listing individual acts here, as we believe that “basing” on individual artist names often leads the reader to a one-sided assessment of the quality and style of a producer team. However, one can definitely mention that due to the cooperation with many international and national stars, Cyborg DMP is certainly one of the few teams with German origins that can record such an extreme variety of music and such continuous (world) success.

If we were to say what sets us apart, we would definitely cite the combination of “always having our finger on the pulse” and “a penchant for pop”, as well as an absolutely reliable yet flexible business policy. Respect, fair cooperation, cosmopolitanism and yet continuity are our top priorities.

Today, Cyborg DMP GmbH is much more than “just a producer team” and can proudly point to a very successful own label (Cyborg DMP).

We are still very well connected internationally and, thanks to an international production network with our own recording studios in several countries, coupled with financial freedom and flexibility, we have the ideal prerequisites to continue to be at the forefront in the future.