Release15. March 2022
CategoryCyborg DMP INSIDE
He accompanies you through "Cyborg DMP INSIDE"

Our editor Manuel Maggio in a self-portrait

This is the man who will accompany you through the “Cyborg DMP INSIDE” section in the future:

Manuel Maggio, journalist, music lover and musician himself, explains in this article who and what is Cyborg DMP GmbH? Who are the people behind it? How and with which technology do they work, what drives them, how do these people “tick” and what is new from stars and starlets?

But these are by no means the only questions we want to answer in our new “Cyborg DMP INSIDE” section.

At the start of “Cyborg DMP INSIDE” our editor Manuel Maggio introduces himself and tells you what else there is to see here in the future.

Notice: We are currently only offering the "Cyborg DMP INSIDE" section in German. However, we plan to make other languages available in the future.