Very succesful start

Chart entry from 0 to 42 for The Bootlovers & DELGARDO with “Love The Way You Lie”

The Bootlovers & DELGARDO can look forward to a great result in the first week after club sampling:

So “Love The Way You Lie” has just entered the Dance Charts from 0 to 42!

But that’s not all: after the song was broadcast to the radio stations last week, some radio stations are already playing the absolute catchy tune with an increasing tendency.

The collaboration between “The Bootlovers” and DELGARDO was considered very promising right from the start, especially since “The Bootlovers” have made a respectable name for themselves after their legendary “Bounce Mix” by “Gangnam Style” and DELGARDO has been enjoying high levels for several weeks international (dance) chart positions with his current single “Runaway Train 2K22”.