Now we are a subsidiary of Metrophon Music Group

Cyborg DMP GmbH relocates its headquarters to Liechtenstein

As already announced, Cyborg DMP GmbH has moved its headquarters to the Principality of Liechtenstein after around 20 years on Mallorca.

For this purpose, Cyborg DMP GmbH was founded in Liechtenstein as a 100% subsidiary of Metrophon Music AG and entered in the Liechtenstein commercial register on May 4th, 2021. The managing director is Manfred J. Batliner, who, as a former managing director of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and many years of successful entrepreneurial activity, can draw on a wealth of experience in business life and great network contacts.

The reason for this step is of course not only the tax and infrastructure advantages of Liechtenstein, but rather the fact that the parent company of Cyborg DMP GmbH, Metrophon Music AG, is a Liechtenstein company and has an excellent structure there in terms of office space and employees, so that also Cyborg DMP GmbH can benefit from this.

This means that in future all administrative matters will be dealt with directly from Liechtenstein. The management of Cyborg DMP GmbH is also based in Liechtenstein. Of course, our recording studios on Mallorca will remain in place and of course all contracts concluded so far will continue to apply, but will have to be rewritten in individual cases. Our partners have already been contacted in advance. If you have any questions or if someone has not been contacted as a partner, please contact us.

From now on, Cyborg DMP GmbH can be reached centrally for all matters under the following contact details: