Take a look behind the scenes

New section “Cyborg DMP INSIDE” starts!

Cyborg DMP, a name that has been read on millions of sound carriers for many decades, mostly under “produced by” or as a label.

But who and what is Cyborg DMP GmbH? Who are the people behind it? How and with what technology do they work, what drives them and how do these people “tick”?

These are by no means the only questions we want to try to answer in our new section “Cyborg DMP INSIDE“.

We will be showing a lot more here in well-produced videos. For example tips and tricks and of course a lot of personality.

In any case, “Cyborg DMP INSIDE” is worth taking a look at and many who have seen the first posts say: “Due to its documentary character with a little “boulevard impact”, this section definitely has “addictive potential”.

So… it’s best to click here and take a look!