Label - Cyborg DMP GmbH

How it all started…

Cyborg DMP GmbH

After we had been very successful as a producer team with various national and international hits for many years, we founded our own label “Cyborg DMP” in the early 90s.

The intention here was not only to show that we are much more than just a producer team, but also to show a certain independence from the numerous record companies that still existed at the time, with whose decisions and whose work we were not always really satisfied reach.

From the very beginning it was important to us on our own label to do little, but with absolute power. We have remained true to this principle to this day with great success.

the 90’s…distributed by eastwest Records (Warner)…

On the Cyborg DMP label, the 90s were all about Eurodance. In addition to 21 single and 8 album releases, we also started building our own brands for compilation concepts at this time.

Our label was distributed by eastwest Records (Warner Music) until the end of 1999 and we are proud to say that all of our released singles have reached the TOP 20 and all released albums have reached the TOP 80 of the charts. As already mentioned: The concept of “doing little but with absolute power” worked extremely well.

The contract with eastwest Records was a classic “press and distribution deal”, which means that Cyborg DMP was solely responsible for the pressing and all promotion (conceptual and financial) and eastwest Records ensured that the products were placed in stores with the best possible presence.Unfortunately, eastwest Records was closed by Warner Music at the end of 1999, so that our distribution deal had to end there as well.

the 2000s…distributed by Sony Music…

After working as a producer team for many years with various national brands, we went to Sony Music and successfully continued our label concept there. We also expanded our networks abroad, so that we still have the opportunity to physically place products on the market almost worldwide.

The intention here was not only to show that we are much more than just a prWe were also among the first to recognize that online business is the future and were therefore successful from the start on all download and streaming platforms with our products represented.

…from 2004 to today

After the Sony/BMG merger, we ended our sales contract there, sometimes due to doubts about the sense of the merger, and have been working in the physical area with various non-exclusive sales partners ever since. Online we work exclusively with Metrophon Distribution AG, subsidiary of the Metrophon Music Group, our parent company.

Of course, the online business is also the most important factor for us today and due to our many years of experience in the development of strategic concepts for success, we are well positioned for all the new sales and marketing opportunities.

In relation to the music genre, we are not fixed, but publish cross-genre products that we are convinced of.

We continue to benefit from our experience, the competence and creativity of our label team, our excellent network and our strong financial backing.

And of course our premise still applies today: “Do little, but do it with absolute power”.